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Old 1st July 2018, 01:17  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

We're back! Thanks everyone for your patience while I was on the road for nearly a week. It was stressful and exhausting, but we're home now and back on the grind.

I spent way too much time this week making the wildlife in Mar'Liore different depending on the time of day. We've reached the beginning of the nighttime portion, so next week is going to focus on wrapping up all the celebrations and festivities.

The events in Mar'Liore ESCALATE quickly.

Remember, anyone can try the public build at http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur

Hope you enjoy,


Version 0.39 - 6/29/2018

Added Mar’Liore Overlook
Added many new NPCs to Mar’Liore
Added the Mar’Liore evening phase
Added a new optional 1-on-1 fight
Added lights & fireflies to nighttime Mar’Liore
Updated the quest journal to reflect new content
Progressed the narrative
Fixed a number of tile passability issues in eastern Mar’Liore
Fixed some tile overlay issues
Fixed some typos and text run-offs
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Old 9th July 2018, 19:39  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

The Big 4-0

Hey everyone. We did it! We somehow managed to survive until the 40th weekly release of DoE.

Some days I'm not sure where the time has gone! Other nights... like tonight... it has felt like the passing of ten-thousand years.

But the march continues ever forward, and I'm here to present the notes for our latest and greatest.*

As always, thanks for playing, and we hope you have fun.

New to the game? The public build is here: http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur


Version 0.40 - 7/6/2018

*Added level 16 skills to each of Orus’s classes (Note: if Orus is already level 16 or higher in your playthrough (somehow), sleeping at the Mar’Liore inn will teach Orus these skills.
*Added new toy to Wulfhilde’s tier 3 night essence station
*Added Mar’Liore Cove
*Added new NSFW scene! (Solo F, Toys, Weird)
*Added a lot of conditional dialogue to Mar’Liore regarding the szarva quest
*Started branching the different plot options (three different paths in Mar’Liore): Belka Diversion, Plant Southgate Crest, Plant Oldlight Letter Opener
*Added the results of the Mar’Liore cooking quest
*Added Captain Lars’ Ornamental Letter Opener to the crime scene
*Added a feature where on-map encounters are repulsed by the new “Night Aura” status
*Added a lot of barely-perceptible contextual changes to Mar’Liore based on branching paths, time of day and order of events
*Fixed a bug where leaving Esterholt reverts Mercy to an older iteration of her battler sprite
*Fixed a few skills that could be used from the menu to no effect
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Old 15th July 2018, 19:53  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

New Weekly Build: v0.41!

Hello! Got a fun little build uploading this week with some cool new cutscenes and some awesome scene art. There's also a new alpha build ready to send out to our alpha patrons.

A TON of time was dumped into a couple of very short scenes, but that's game dev life, haha. I'm starting to really love the characters of Leite and Gorps, and I hope you do as well.

New to the game? You can try the free public build here: http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur

Without further ado:

Version 0.41 - 7/13/2018

Added new NSFW scene art (Belka & Mercy)!
Added Mar’Liore fireworks cutscene
Added rowboat cutscene
Added Mar’Liore Docks
Added “Well-Rested” state to inn to encourage use over ship’s bed
Progressed the main story
Dropped AGI rubber-banding cap from 3 to 2.5
Updated quest journal
Fixed a glitch where the Hallie cutscene could be repeated in Carvannah
Fixed an issue where the Carvannah doctor could trap you in the corner
Added a ton more conditional quest checks to different events around Mar’Liore
Fixed some of the overlay lighting being improperly sized
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Old 23rd July 2018, 00:50  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

Version: Life, the Universe, and Everything

Good evening! I will keep this short and sweet, since the patch notes are LONG and SAVORY.
Managed to get a lot of work done this week, including many relatively major system updates and changes. The notes will speak for themselves, mostly, but I will say that, being still fresh, you can expect some more fine-tuning and balance adjustments to come from these systems.

Also, I fixed an embarrassingly large amount of bugs from version 0.41. Oops! I can't believe nobody either found them or said anything.

Other than that, hope you enjoy!

Version 0.42 - 7/20/2018

Added many new menu options, including vsync, window colors, & keyboard configuration
Added an in-combat status menu to provide more details about status afflictions
Added a description to every status effect
Advanced the Mar’Liore narrative
Improved on-map enemy AI
- Attacking an on-map enemy’s back will result in a preemptive strike
- Being back-attacked by a chasing enemy will result in a surprise attack
- After chasing for 5 seconds, enemies will stop and return to their original location
Weapon Skills and Essence Magic are now separated
- Moon Poison seals off Weapon Skills & can be healed using tentacles
- Silence seals off Essence Magic & can be healed using beaks
A new resource, “Trance,” is now earned in combat. Once this resource is full, Mercy enters a trance-like state, growing more powerful and consuming no MP.
- The effects of Trance differ slightly based on Mercy’s class
- Added “Trance” to the menu, giving Mercy 4 different preferences for how to earn Trance based on your preferred playstyle
Added a new optional boss-fight
Fixed a few tile issues in the cove residential building
Mercy can now rest in her room in the Esterholt manor as soon as the ship leaves
Colby, in the Esterholt market, now buys a few items at a special rate
Increased the value of bronze ore and pearls
Added a “Runes” option in the equip menu for ease of upgrading equipment
Reorganized the plugin stack to help reduce conflicts
Updated Core plugins with numerous compatibility improvements
Updated the save screen, players can now delete save files in-game
Janie in the Mar’Liore mill will buy swords and rapiers at a special price
Removed the “Formation” option from the main menu
Fixed an issue with Moon Frog AI
Fixed an issue where Elijah would roam around instead of steering the ship
Fixed a damage formula bug on the move “Overgrowth”
Fixed an issue where a soldier in Mar’Liore was incorrectly named Captain Forrest
Fixed a repeating dialogue if Mercy intimidated the hunters in Mar’Liore
Fixed the ship still playing storm sounds in Mar’Liore
Fixed several typos
Fixed an inaccessible clue in Belka’s room

New to the game? Play the public build here: http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur
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Old 28th July 2018, 04:42  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

New week, new build! Come and get it, fresh off the video game assembly line.

This week's release pretty much wraps up chapter 5, somewhat astonishingly. It'll be a couple more weeks before the chapter goes public, but our non-patron friends will have something to look forward to in the month of August. Non-patrons can try the public build at http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur!

This was another tricky chapter, similar to Witchdale, because there were several branching options for how it resolved, and the quest journal only adds another level of complexity to the whole thing. But it's 99% wrapped up, which feels good.

Chapter 6 will take us to a couple of places more familiar, which will be cool. Don't want to spoil too much just yet, so just hang in there.

I'm also personally working on the art for another scene as we did a poll and I came out as the (surprise) winner but I have to sneak in time for my art here and there or I'll never get any work done on the rest of the game.

Anyway, that's enough rambling. I hope our weekly patrons like the build, and I hope everyone else is looking forward to it!

Version 0.43 - 7/27/2018

Fixed an issue where the octopus deepfolk scene could be repeated
Added Mar’Liore morning & departure
Added different cutscenes for the results of Mercy’s decisions in Mar’Liore
Updated Mar’Liore NPCs and ship crew to reflect time passage and choices made
Added a new SFW scene (?!)
Caught the quest journal back up
Fixed an issue where the quest journal and row features were missing from the main menu after 0.42
Moon is not going to Mar’Liore after all
Added the return of Carlisse (showdown coming soon!)
Revised some dialogue in Mar’Liore
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Old 5th August 2018, 22:39  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

Hi folks!

It's time for a new weekly build! Some of the coolest and deadliest enemies yet make their debut, and there's an exciting new segment playable upon reaching the cove after returning from Mar'Liore.

New to the game? Try the public build at http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur.

Version 0.44 - 8/3/2018

Added Carlisse Showdown
Added new playable Marlan Segment
Fixed a couple of image overlay inconsistencies
Fixed a couple of BGS volume issues when transferring locations
Changed slip damage (poison, shred, burn, etc.) to allow knockout
Fixed an issue where weapon proficiency wasn’t correctly showing in the status menu
Updated weapon proficiencies to add 0.3 accuracy and 0.2 crit per level
Revised Low Tide to steal slightly less MP than before
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Old 12th August 2018, 21:25  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

New Weekly & Alpha Builds: v0.45!

Hi everyone,

Version 0.45 should be a nice, solid build for our patrons, and a good testing grounds for next week's official public release, v0.44.1.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues, and I'll make sure to patch it up asap.

Want to try the free public build or become a patron? Visit http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur!

Version 0.45 - 8/10/2018

Updated the cove with new post-Mar’Liore scenes and dialogue
Added Sun Keys, craftable from Key Fragments and unrefined sun essence
Added new item: Essence Sap, which grants the user experience
Increased experience values for enemies later in the game
Expanded scene library to include Mar’Liore scenes
Added new scene art: Dietrich, Moon & Wulfhilde
Added SFW Scene Pt. 2
Fixed a portrait issue
Fixed an issue where you could get the Dalkon/Brandis scene even if you didn’t have Brandis
Fixed a few quest journal entries
The Iron Fist quest can now be failed if not completed before finishing Mar’Liore
Fixed an item description
Correctly disabled party followers after the Marlan segment
Fixed an issue where Mercy still wouldn’t enter the twins’ tent after meeting Tafo
Fixed an issue where Hobart could appear in the cove even if he wasn’t recruited
Fixed a text issue with the shapeshifter scene in the library
Made it mandatory to speak with Silas before leaving for Mar’Liore (if you recruited him)
Fixed an issue where Silas was still around after returning from Mar’Liore
Fixed an issue where runes couldn’t be applied to Orus’s equipment
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Old 18th August 2018, 19:13  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

Hello, everyone! We are very excited to announce the public release of our latest chapter: Mar'Liore.

This build has been many months in development--longer than the average chapter as a consequence of numerous time-consuming system updates and overhauls, particularly the quest log.

Mar'Liore also features some of our most complicated and divergent quests to date, branching off multiple times to accommodate the different decisions our players make along the way.

We hope everyone enjoys, and we also hope you'll join us in our brand new public Discord channel: http://discord.gg/7hTwuTH
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Old 26th August 2018, 01:34  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

Hello, we're back at it after a long week of maintenance on the public release with EVEN MORE new content for our patrons.
We've got a lot of fixes and quality of life changes, and a couple of brand new system introductions in mining and Orus-riding.

Not a patron yet? Try the public build at http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur!

So without further ado:

Version 0.47 - 8/24/2018

Added Petrova’s “arrival” to Witchdale
Mercy can now ride around on Orus’s back to increase run speed!
Implemented a fully-functioning mining system and new ore types!
Mining picks implemented and added to a few different vendors
Added “Essence Glass,” craftable at each respective station (requires +1 upgrade)
Added a new forge to the cove to smelt silver and iron ore (requires forge upgrade)
Gertrude can now craft rings using essence glass and either silver or gold bars
Mercy and Orus can now equip 2 accessories each
Enabled interior dashing, but lowered the dash speed slightly across the board
Fixed an issue where a Ch VI trigger occurs prematurely in the cove
Unblocked the Mar’Liore barn door after departing from Mar’Liore
Touched up Mercy sprites
Fixed an issue where the detailed equipment stats screen wasn’t showing properly
Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in Christopher’s cabin
Fixed an issue where you could get stuck talking to Vonda in Esterholt
Fixed a portrait flicker in the introduction sequence
Fixed an issue where ocean sounds persisted into the Marlan cutscene
Fixed an issue where cove fireflies persisted after the initial Orus cutscene
Touched up the waterfall tiles in Witchdale
Fixed an issue where Dietrich stays behind after you leave Witchdale initially
Fixed an issue where triggering the Ch VI conference scene makes Mercy walk slower
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Old 3rd September 2018, 00:09  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

Hi folks, the latest weekly build is now live! In addition to the cool new content, I've made a few minor optimizations, so let me know if you experience any sort of performance changes.

Try the public build at http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur!

Version 0.48 - 8/27/2018
  • Added a new NSFW scene (F/F, shapeshifter)
  • Added a new cutscene on Petrova’s ship
  • Added several new areas to explore around Shiveworth
  • Added new on-map encounters
  • Added a new optional super-boss
  • Made a couple of small desktop optimizations
  • Fixed a lighting issue when returning from the overworld to the extended cove docks
  • Fixed a portrait issue in Esterholt
  • Fixed a possible soft-lock on Petrova’s ship if you mash through dialogue
  • Fixed the grass autotile and updated it visually
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