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Old 12th December 2017, 01:58  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

Weekly & Alpha Build: v0.12

Hi everyone!

This week we've added some special features! This week's patch features a new system where Mercy can turn down sexual encounters (if they’re not your thing) and get skill points rather than essence. Also, we've added a library that lets you look back at the art from the encounters to did choose to participate in. We're doing a special one-time alpha bump and releasing the weekly build and the alpha versions simultaneously! Remember, our current public release is available here: http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur

Patch Notes
  • Added the ability to skip directly to the cove in a New Game
  • Choose Mercy's and Orus's specializations
  • Choose Mercy's weapon
  • Start at level 5 with 10 stat points to distribute
  • Start with a handful of restorative items & all plot-related key items
  • Revisit scenes in the new scene library, accessible from the cove throne room
  • Mercy can now choose to abstain from sexual encounters and get rewarded skill points instead of essence!
  • Added special Old Salt & above save files! Includes exclusive equipment, bonus gold and essence, and automatically enables all library scenes implemented thus far
  • Updated cove with new lighting effects
  • Fixed several lines of dialogue in the cove
  • Fixed an issue an image overlay issue in the cove
  • Fixed an issue with Orus's Blitz having the wrong timed attack overlay
  • Updated a few animations
  • Reconciled a few continuity issues in Carvannah with all the simultaneous goings-on
  • Changed essence extracted from scenes to unrefined
  • Made it clearer that the player needs to refine essence at Moon Lee's station
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Old 16th January 2018, 23:04  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

Hello again, folks, we return this week with another new public release, as well as the latest weekly & alpha builds!

We're working on the new Witchdale chapter going forward, which is coming along great. This will be the last public build for a little while, until the next chapter is entirely completed, so IF you find yourself enjoying what we have so far, definitely come and check out our weekly or alpha builds as well.

Until next time, enjoy!

Patch notes for the latest build:
Version 0.16 - 1/15/2018
- Added new ship scene with NSFW option
- Added all ship interior maps
- Added the Witchdale coastal maps and cavern networks
- Added the Witchdale and Witchdale market exterior maps
- Revised the Mercy & Elijah scene
- Revised the Sleeping Frog scene
- Updated Elijah's portrait
- Fixed a continuity issue with Bell’s dialogue if you resist essence
- Fixed a javascript error when tending to Poppy’s wounds
- Fixed a picture overlay issue in the Carvannah square (finally!)
- Fixed the disappearing proprietor in Sleeping Frog
- Updated several plugins for compatibility
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Old 24th January 2018, 03:33  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

Weekly Build v0.17!

Hi everyone, we've been working on a lot of stuff that isn't quite ready to show off with this build, including the entire overworld (which is very big) and some art pieces/new systems, so this release will seem small in comparison.

As for what, PRECISELY, is coming up... let's just say Moon's got a new potion to try out:


Here are the notes for version 0.17. Hope you guys like the changes and improvements.

Version 0.17 - 1/22/2018

Made the entire Overworld Map (currently inaccessible)
Added new enemy encounters to the Witchdale passage
Added new Witchdale cliffs area & optional boss encounter
Added new weapons and armor to the game database
Added new Dietrich scene art
Created dozens of new character sprites to begin filling out Witchdale
Revised some dialogue in Shiveworth to be less wordy
Revised goblinfish & leaf spirit encounters to allow fleeing in Shiveworth
Revised choice menus in Shiveworth for continuity (and symmetry)
Extended fishing time windows for some catches
+20 frames for smoothfins
+20 frames for random items
+30 frames for littlesnoots
+10 frames for hogfish
Fixed AI for bats and fire wisps
Fixed some tile passability issues in Witchdale
Fixed connecting passages between Witchdale cave areas
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Old 31st January 2018, 01:48  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

Hi everyone, we've just finished uploading the latest weekly build: version 0.18. It's kind of hard to believe we've done this 18 times now, but we've still a long way to go and we have no plans of slowing down now!

Witchdale also has a long way to go, but we're putting the pieces in place, and we're excited to see where it all takes us. Hopefully everyone digs what we've got in place so far. A lot of the last couple of weeks has been preparatory work, but we're still making sure to sneak in some interesting new content every week.

Here are the patch notes, as always:

Version 0.18 - 1/29/2018

  • Added shops & NPCs to Witchdale Square
  • Added the Witchdale tavern and inn
  • Added a cooldown to Cor Silvam*s “Entangling Roots”
  • Updated the battle backgrounds for Witchdale caves
  • Slightly reduced Witchdale Hornet*s AGI
  • Added an option to skip all the cliffs/caves once the player reaches a checkpoint in Witchdale
  • Added Moon Lee to the ship
  • Put Gertrude/Vincent and Elijah below-deck and everyone else in town after reaching Witchdale
  • Added a new optional quest and NSFW scene!
  • Fixed several passability issues in Witchdale
  • Adjusted Fruit recovery values
  • Adjusted gremlinfish and leaf spirit stats slightly
  • Fixed some lighting issues on the ship

Don't forget that you can try out the public build at: patreon.com/indoorminotaur
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Old 6th February 2018, 04:22  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

Weekly Build v0.19!

Hey everyone, first update of February! Witchdale is starting to come together and fill with life, which is exciting. Set a lot of groundwork this week for new relations, so expect a lot of these to take off in different directions by next week.

Alpha patrons, you'll get a new build next week and a reminder that everyone can try the public build at http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur!

Version 0.19 - 2/5/2018

Added the Witchdale Barracks (and 4-story tower)
Added lots and lots of new characters to Witchdale
Created a new male szarva sprite and implemented new szarva character
Created Carlisse quest-line (optional)
Created Flask quest (optional)
Created the Fishmaster! Get prizes for catching big fish
Added lots of new items to Witchdale
Changed all recovery values in the item descriptions to be on their own line for clarity
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Old 13th February 2018, 03:23  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

Hey everyone! W O W, version 0.20. It's absolutely wild how fast the time has gone by over the course of 20 releases. It has been a ton of work, but it's also been really satisfying to see things coming together.

And, if you'll permit me to toot both of our own horns, I think we are getting better at it as we go along. I hope you're as excited about the future as we are.

We're sending v0.20 out to our weekly patrons and v0.19.1 out to our alpha patrons, so any new patrons will get access to the build of their respective tiers.

Anyone can try out our public build here: http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur

Here's what we got going on in this week's release!

Version 0.20 - 2/12/2018

Added brief dialogue for when Mercy first arrives in Witchdale
Added Witchdale Dormitory (basement, ground floor, 2nd floor)
Added Witchdale Bank
Added Witchdale Residential Caverns (Upper and Lower)
Added over a dozen new characters to Witchdale again!
Added Saul & a new combat encounter!
Added a new optional NSFW scene (F/F + weird)!
Added some narrative prerequisites & subsequent plot progress
Updated Carvannah Mine battle background
Updated Carvannah Aqueducts battle background
Fixed a few typos
Fixed a lighting issue when traveling from the Witchdale coast to the ship
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Old 20th February 2018, 04:19  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

Hi everyone, Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

We just finished up our playtesting on version 0.21 and got the build uploaded. This has been a tricky development week, because it's a lot of tying off loose-ends and building in the player's choices.

But we got a lot done, and I'm pretty happy with the results. Check out the patch notes to see what's new, and enjoy!

Remember, everyone can try out our public build here: http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur

Version 0.21 - 2/19/2018

Added main plot progress and the next big player choice
Added new ship cabin areas
Added all Witchdale recruitment options
Added Corrine quest & encounter
Added szarva & Molly quest
Added new NSFW scene (Other/F - written and commissioned)
Added tons of contextual dialogue to Witchdale citizens and recruitable members
Revised some Witchdale dialogue to strengthen suggestions of pirates-Peacekeeper relationship
Added new hidden treasures to Witchdale!
Fixed a chest in Shiveworth (displaying the message incorrectly)
Fixed an issue in Witchdale where the ladies walking by triggers every time you step on a certain tile
Changed the appearance of the Witchdale barracks
Added Badaxe to the in-game credits
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Old 28th February 2018, 04:29  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

Hey everyone, we pulled a late night last night to try and get the weekly build to a good stopping point, and BOY was it a monster.

Wrapping up Witchdale has meant creating 3 different sequences for the conclusion and between 2-4 different sets of conversations for each member of the crew back on your ship, depending on the chosen routes.

It's been hard work, and I'm sorry to say the chapter still isn't 100% finished (although you do technically finish up with Witchdale itself). I'd say I've grinded out probably 95% of it. It's pretty much guaranteed to be finished before the next weekly release (which MAY come early?)

A lot of stuff didn't make the cut this week just for lack of time, including a new sex scene and 2 different pieces of art for already-existing sex scenes. I expect not only these to make it in by next week, but also ANOTHER scene that I've had sitting on my hard drive for a while (just needed to be back in the cove to make it happen).

Remember the public version is available for everyone to try! You can download it at: http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur

March is looking to be a big month! Here are the patch notes:

Version 0.22 - 2/26/2018

  • Added new inn room areas
  • Added a new passage connecting Witchdale and the caverns
  • Added three different branching paths for Witchdale’s resolution
  • Withdrawal route
  • Direct Confrontation route
  • Peacekeeper Alliance route
  • Added The Van Ritter and crew encounters
  • Added the return voyage and all new crew members to the ship
  • Improved all cooked meat recovery values across the board:
  • Roasted Smoothfin: 70 + 10% -> 100 + 10%
  • Roasted Hogfish: 150 + 20% -> 200 + 20%
  • Roasted Flank: 200 + 30% -> 300 + 30%
  • Hufferpuffer Pie: 250 + 50% -> 400 + 40%
  • Roasted Toothtube Fin: 300 + 40% -> 500 + 50%
  • Changed mushroom recovery value (175 + 7% -> 20%)
  • Changed some dialogue in Carvannah for clarity
  • Fixed a sequence break in the Carvannah aqueducts (visiting crows hideout before encountering crows)
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Old 4th March 2018, 00:43  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

Hey everyone! We released a new build last night (technically this morning): version 0.23. There are a lot of things packed into a very short segment of game here, and that's because it all hinges on choices made and paths taken this far.

Things are actually starting to get a little out of hand in the cove in terms of complexity. Some NPCs have well over a dozen different pages of dialogue conditional to certain events.

The next build (to be released on Fridays instead of Mondays going forward) is going to focus heavily on revision. I've been charging ahead so fast that some of the pieces holding different segments together are feeling thin right now.

I want to start touching things up and polishing content to make the experience smooth, fun and intuitive.

Remember, newcomers can try our public build for free at http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur

Anyway, here are the patch notes!

Version 0.23 (The End of the Witchdale Chapter!) - 3/2/2018

Added a new NSFW scene (written) on the ship (M/F, age difference)
Added a new NSFW scene (written and illustrated) back in the cove (Futa/F)
Added art for the Witchdale shapeshifter scene (Solo F, huge insertion, toy)
Added a variety of items to the Witchdale inn and underground passage
Added the return to the cove
Added the Van Ritter encounter for the peacekeeper alliance route
Added new dialogue to all cove residents
Fixed an issue where the upgraded alchemy station didn’t properly detect different types of essence
Fixed an issue with the excavation chest disappearing instead of checking for restock
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Old 10th March 2018, 02:26  
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

Hi everyone! We managed to wrap the weekly and alpha builds up earlier in the day than usual, thanks to a surprisingly well-kept schedule this week.

I set out to make this build focus primarily on revisions & improvements, and while I did revise a few things, it turned out that quite a lot was added, as well.

The biggest labor of the week was visual changes to the cove upgrades. Next week's focus will be adding new spells, weapon skills, runes, potions, and the final crafting station for essence of the night.

After that... we begin the next chapter! Hope everyone's looking forward to seeing where we go next.

The weekly version is 0.24, and the alpha is 0.23.1. I expect that a new public build will be coming in approximately two weeks' time to http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur so non-patrons have that to look forward to as well.

Version 0.24 - 3/9/2018

Added visual upgrade indications for tier 2 essence station upgrades!
Added cannons to the 2nd tier defense upgrade!
Added new & improved doorway to expanded caverns if upgraded
Added clues about stowaway to ship
Added Olma’s arrival scene & subsequent cell location
Added Brandis to cove (if that path was chosen)
Added details about Ralph to the departure-for-Witchdale narration
Added a brief cutscene with Gorps & returned him to the cove
Added Ralph back to the cove (if that path was chosen)
Added some more dialogue to different members of the cove
Added a cut-scene in Shiveworth with Marlan & Carvannah Hunters
Added Holden’s return cut-scene
Introduced another new character to the cove: Wulfhilde!
Fixed some lighting issues in the expanded caverns
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