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Old 1st September 2020, 02:48   #131
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

New Release: Version 0.142!

Hey everyone! Not doing an image this week, because almost all the new stuff is system tweaks or changes to stuff that already exists.

You can get the full scoop down below, just remember that all bets are off for old save files at this point until the full launch. I've knocked a lot of the features out I was hoping for, so here's what's left to tackle:

- New Art
- More adult scenes
- Playtesting
- Balance
- Bug Fixes
- Fleshing out all the endings a bit more

Until next time, hope you enjoy!

Version 0.142 - 8-28-2020 - (Breaks old save compatibility)
  • Added a new cutscene with 2 variations which helps to contextualize some of the endings
  • Added an “overkill” feature, granting bonus rewards for overkilling easier enemies
  • Base weather effects now carry over into battles from the map
  • Added a shortcut keybind to the Stat Allocation menu (“P” by default)
  • Added keyboard functionality for name & number entry
  • Added the ability to rename most weapons and armor (useful for keeping track of rune upgrades or hidden abilities, or just for fun)
  • Added a “message speed” feature to the options menu
  • Redesigned the shop buttons for use with a mouse
  • Made some minor tweaks to the early cutscenes for better quality & continuity
  • Mercy no longer starts with 100 SP; instead, she gains 100 after choosing her Essence Type
  • Fixed an issue where spending 300 SP only increased crit chance by .5% instead of 1%
  • Fixed the coloring on some of Orus’s weapons
  • Adjusted a typo in the target rate distribution & made it cost 100 SP instead of 300
  • Fixed an issue where trying to leave the throne room in the opening dream sequence revealed the wrong portrait

Want to become a patron or try the public build? Visit http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur
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Old 14th September 2020, 19:53   #132
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

New Weekly & Alpha: Bugpocalypse II, the Reckoning

Hi everyone, the new release this week is another massive collection of bug fixes and quality of life improvements for weekly & alpha patrons alike.

Just a reminder to the alpha patrons, however, that this version will not be compatible with your old version 0.140 or earlier save files on account of the myriad new features.

Still working hard on some new content behind the scenes, so there's plenty more to look forward to. Thanks again for all your continued support, and I hope you enjoy!

- Nym

Public Build and patron sign up for other builds is here: http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur

Version 0.144 - 9-11-2020
  • Made slight changes to all the long-form scene formatting in the library. Enlarged the font from 28 to 30, reduced the page line count from 16 to 14, and added ¼ second delays to the end of every paragraph to reduce the ease of accidental skipping (If this is a popular change, it will also be implemented in the normal scenes)
  • Added the fishing bait recipe book
  • Added Hufferpuffer Pie to the Common Seafood Cuisine recipe book
  • Bruiseweed potions now require bruiseweeds, which can be found in the wild after speaking with Moon about them
  • Mercy can at last resist Dietrich’s and Moon Lee’s essence, gaining SP instead of essence
  • Adjusted the Moon Lee & Mercy scene slightly
  • Fixed an enemy AI bug where some enemies were incorrectly skipping turns
  • Enemies afflicted by Enrage/Berserker will now use a weapon-specific attack skill instead of the default attack command
  • Fixed an issue where the Coral Helm could be purchased without coral
  • Fixed some out-of-date fishing spots
  • Fixed an issue where red smoothfins counted as consumables and would disappear when used to make fillets
  • Fixed some missing Beatrix portraits
  • Added a switch to allow Delilah to resume normal movement after rejecting her essence
  • Fixed some text runoff
  • Fixed an outdated cooking fire
  • Fixed a tile continuity error when on the Carvannah rooftops
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to gain access to higher-tier spells the first time you speak with Eva
  • Fixed a lighting error in the cove
  • Fixed an issue where some of the bandits recruited from Danforth Crook could show up later even if they fell during the siege
  • Fixed an issue where visiting the upper dorms if you hadn’t recruited the bandits from Danforth Crook could result in time-traveling back to before the siege when leaving
  • Fixed an issue where the monument might not appear correctly in the event of siege deaths
  • Fixed an issue where Hallie could appear in the cove when not rescued
  • Dalkon can no longer be dueled infinite times for his gold and essence
  • Fixed a passability issue in the Glass Sea campsite
  • Fixed an issue where Elijah could appear in two places at once during a cutscene
  • Fixed an issue where Sabal could appear in two places at once after the final siege
  • Fixed some issues with rich text to plain text conversion in the longer form scenes
  • Fixed an issue where the mine cart could go off the rails in the Hawk’s Keep
  • Fixed an issue where mining the last essence from certain nodes in the Emerald Mines could summon the wrong encounter
  • Fixed an issue where an image overlay issue in the dream area
  • Fixed an issue where entering the inn after the siege and leaving again could send Mercy back to before the siege
  • Fixed an issue where a scene with Leite could still be viewable after the siege was over, which breaks continuity
  • Fixed an issue where Mercy could visit Beatrix’s office to be healed even if Beatrix didn’t make it in the siege
  • Changed the Giant Slayer’s name and fixed its visual animation
  • Fixed an issue where the Potion of Plenty could disappear from Moon’s shop in later chapters
  • Adjusted the final scene to allow for 1 single yield tolerance to achieve the rejection ending
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Old 19th September 2020, 18:59   #133
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

New Release: v0.145!

Hi everyone! We've got another build with a whole lot of small improvements to quality of life, bug fixes, system upgrades and fine-tuning.

This fixes a lot of long-time issues that have plagued the game as a consequence of higher than 60 hz monitors and should also improve performance on a lot of PCs while making the playing experience more consistent for everybody.

Thanks for your continued support as we make the game as good as it can be in preparation for the full launch!

Want to try the public build or become a patron? Visit http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur

- Nym

Version 0.145 - 9-18-2020
  • Replaced the default Victory, Loss and Game Over music
  • Improved performance
  • Improved some animations
  • Essence toys now give the choice to replay written scenes, + the font size is adjusted to be consistent with the scene library
  • The red moth ejderha now correctly weakens both the Oldlight’s infiltration forces & their ship defenses, and a new line has been added about its contribution to the cove’s defenses
  • Consumables are now ordered in your inventory in certain tiers of priority, rather than by the database entry. Those tiers are: 1. Home-cooked meals, 2. Food/Drink, 3. Medicine/Restorative Items, 4. Ingredients
  • Replaced the old & largely incompatible file preloader with a new image cache system
  • Added new fishing trophies for all fish types & also added harder to obtain platinum trophies!
  • Fishmaster Luca can now be found in the Emerald Flats
  • Changed the fishing system to slightly expand the range of fish sizes and also significantly increase the rarity of fish on the larger end of the spectrum
  • Changed Beatrix’s crossbow mechanics to deal damage based on a split of Attack and Luck
  • Changed the fishing system to prevent the issue where failing a fishing check could result in fishing up multiple things on your next success
  • Updated a number of core systems to improve stability and help address game-timer consistency
  • Fixed an issue where even with vsync, game-timer ran at >60fps on higher hz monitors, making fishing almost impossible for certain people
  • Players can no longer reverse stat allocations at will (as introduced experimentally with the new system in 0.141)
  • Recovery rate is now increased by 3% per 300 SP
  • Fixed an issue where Meghan could repeat dialogue after returning from Mar’Liore
  • Fixed an issue where Roald could appear in the inn and throne room simultaneously
  • Fixed an issue where Delilah could appear in two places simultaneously
  • Fixed an issue where one of Mercy’s voice lines actually included the whole voiced section
  • Fixed a portrait-related crash in the Carvannah aqueducts
  • Fixed some missing portrait issues in Carvannah
  • Fixed some text alignment issues
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Old 27th September 2020, 18:15   #134
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

New Release: Version 0.146!

Hi everyone!

It was a late night and the patch notes mostly speak for themselves again this week, but we're finally starting to emerge from Bug Mountain with stable new builds and resume adding new content and features!

We got some new story content, new side-quests and a lot more general improvements and refinements.

Hope you enjoy, and I'll see you soon!

- Nym

New to the game? Bcome a patron or try our public build at http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur

Version 0.146 - 9-25-2020
  • The Knife quest is now completable during Ch. IX
  • Added a new scene & boss encounter to Ch. X
  • Added Claudia and Colette back to the cove post-siege
  • Added a way to check your final siege results
  • Added a number of SPI-based map checks to the game
  • Added a new, hard to earn recipe book with new unique recipes
  • Added a button mash input to Mercy’s self-healing sword skills
  • Changed a number of sound effects and musical effects
  • Made some improvements to performance
  • Significantly reduced the amount of gold Mercy finds in the cove as part of a process of rebalancing the cove expenses
  • Abandon’s damage has been buffed from a 25% max HP scale to a 33% max HP scale to compensate for nerfs to HP values
  • Slightly rebalanced the final siege, making the highest scores a little more challenging to obtain and the worst outcome slightly less challenging to obtain
  • Fixed an issue where re-entering the Emerald Flats barracks could trigger a missing guard’s dialogue
  • Fixed a portrait issue when interacting with one of the sun chests
  • Fixed a passability issue in the Glass Sea campsite
  • Fixed an issue where Ramses could appear in two places at once
  • Fixed an issue where Lily could be passable after the siege
  • Fixed and improved some weapon skill animations
  • Fixed some equipment descriptions
  • Fixed an issue where Bartleby could appear in two places at once
  • Fixed an issue where the Locker skill’s moon scroll would be listed in the wrong order
  • Fixed an issue where having Dalkon’s fully-upgraded station would overlap some of the damage in the post-siege cove
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Old 12th October 2020, 01:19   #135
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

New Release: v0.148 (Alpha & Weekly!)

Konbanwa, comrades. We have made considerable strides (finally) with a new system for overhauling the game's overlaying image systems, which will hopefully improve performance quite a bit in builds to come as well as make maps look more interesting and dynamic in the process.

This is a work in progress, so parts of the game have these new improvements and parts of the game remain how they were before. In addition, I've got some cool new fishing features launching this week and a million other bug fixes.

Hope you enjoy!

Play the public build or become a patron at http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur

Version 0.148 - 10-9-2020
  • Added a new, super-rare and extra challenging fish to the game, along with a reward for catching it
  • You can now get a unique reward from a new NPC who appears in Newlight for catching an especially large seabear
  • Added the remainder of the cove residents back in to the post-siege cove areas
  • Added new dialogue to the Gertrude’s workstation if she died, and fixed an issue where interacting with the forge could trigger dialogue with Gertrude even if she wasn’t alive
  • Continued implementing graphical updates here and there, adding more tile diversity and more dynamic interior mapping
  • Began implementation of a new system of overlaying images to address some performance issues in the cove. This is a WIP and is only partially implemented.
  • Made clams more common to fish up
  • Fixed an issue where Orus could bypass learning his first specialization abilities
  • Fixed some passability issues
  • Fixed some missing portrait issues
  • Fixed an issue where Orus could follow Mercy in the Esterholt manor
  • Fixed an issue where Mercy could activate the encounter with the bug in Carvannah after returning the second time, and added some new dialogue to reflect the passage of time
  • Increased the health of one of the strangers in the encounter in the Aqueducts, making it so you can’t realistically bypass the Cataclysm spell by overleveling and bursting him down
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading the cove while Mercy was blinded would show Mercy’s normal portrait
  • Fixed an issue where Mercy could be riding Orus during the Carlisse showdown
  • Fixed some lighting issues
  • Fixed some text runoff
  • Fixed an incorrect chest description
  • Fixed the hit rate of the Critical Attack greatsword skill
  • Fixed an issue where Dalkon and Marlan could be duplicated in the cove after a cutscene
  • Fixed an issue where damage to the cove might not correctly appear after the first siege
  • Fixed an issue where Mercy could be transported to Beatrix’s office while riding Orus during a cutscene
  • Fixed an issue where you could not land at the Mar’Liore Mercenary camp with Qel
  • Fixed an issue where returning to the cove in Ch. X upgraded the defenses visually
  • Fixed an issue where Mercy could interact with the bed in Beatrix’s office and get healed before Beatrix sets up
  • Fixed an issue where Orus’s Brute Force skill could be selected from the menu
  • Fixed an issue where Quinn could remain in the bath house after the final siege
  • Fixed a sprite issue with Mercy’s bed
  • Fixed an issue where the monument could be prevented from appearing after the final siege even if members of the cove had died
  • Fixed an issue where returning to the cliff tops in Witchdale after rejecting Moon’s essence could result in getting stuck
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Old 17th October 2020, 23:08   #136
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IMinotaur will become famous soon enough

New Release: 0.149!

Hi everyone, happy weekend! As is tradition 149 times in a row, I have a new release, carefully baked just for your pleasure.

Except this time, due to a number of total overhauls, the build is guaranteed to be a wild and crazy ride, and I will not be held responsible for what happens if you play it.


New to the game? Public build and patron details at http://patreon.com/indoorminotaur

Version 0.149 - 10-16-2020
  • Updated a number of maps all across the game for improved quality and tile diversity
  • Rebuilt all the cove maps from the ground up using the new image layering system to improve performance
  • Fixed an issue where Holden could appear in the cove inn prematurely
  • Fixed an issue where Mercy could enter the Danforth Crook bandit camp by ship
  • Fixed an issue where Moon could return to the cove from her room prematurely
  • Adjusted a number of entryway graphics for better continuity and clarity
  • Adjusted some lighting to improve performance
  • Fixed an issue where trying to enter the upper cove region after the siege could slow Mercy permanently
  • Fixed an issue where Carlisse could speak during the cove surrender cutscene even if she was not recruited
  • Fixed a visual error in the final Leite cutscene
  • Fixed some typos
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